How to Build A Website


Step 1:  Choose a website building platform. If it'su your first time I suggest a website builder of one of the links I provide below. You can start out totally free and build your confidence. After you understand more of your surroundings, I totally suggest paying a small annual fee for great more modified functions to target your goals after you have worked with and understand the free version. 

Step 2: Choose A web address. Free sites will host your web address for free but if you want to upgrade you have to pay for your domain. (www.) Choose 5 key words. Come up with something unique, and try to keep it easy to type. No hyphens or numbers. Always use a .com address. It's the most professional and reliable when it come to trust. And go here : 

 Step 3: Setting up & customization of your website. Finding a theme that works right for your site  will make the process go smoothly.  You can move around on your site clicking and understanding editing easier once you choose a theme. The free web-builders I provide below will have tons of free themes. Browse the themes. You will be suprised what free will get you. Literally 1000's of themes waiting for your creative touch.